Jo’s Coffee House is attached to Red’s Hometown Market but is its own separate coffee house space. Along with coffee-based drinks, smoothies, hot cocoa, and kombucha can be found on the menu almost year-round. In addition, you can find quality baked goods and if you’re in the area for lunch may be able to find some Fat Pat’s BBQ, too! Live music and a small selection of beer and wine is also available certain days of the week. Please see our Events page for more details as we continue to grow.


Our coffee comes from UP Coffee Roasters in Minneapolis, MN. They are the North’s leading provider of fair trade organic coffee, consistently sourcing some of the finest sustainably grown, certified organic beans from around the globe. UP strives to help small farms all over the world by purchasing their beans, which are then small-batch roasted and sent to us within 24-48 hours. You can count on having the tastiest, freshest cup of coffee in town (and feel good about your purchase!) thanks to UP Coffee Roasters. Learn more by visiting their website @


Located in picturesque southeastern Minnesota, Jo’s is the very first specialty coffee shop (with a drive through!) concentrating on quality coffee-based drinks in Spring Grove. This little Norwegian town prides itself not only on its heritage, but its family-friendly atmosphere; it’s also a hub of entrepreneurs as there are many local small businesses to be found.


The owner of Red’s is Pat Longmire. He has been in the grocery and food-service business for over 40 years. Pat’s son Patrick, or Pat Jr., started Fat Pat’s BBQ in 2017, when he and his wife Jayme moved back to Spring Grove after living in Texas for several years. During that stint in Texas, Jayme discovered both independent and chain coffee shops in abundance in the Austin area. The cool, eclectic vibe in the independent shops (and the great coffee, mostly from small-batch roasters) is what drove her interest in coffee and a dream to eventually open a shop in small-town Spring Grove. Jo’s hopes to bring in and cultivate that same vibe, but with a cozy, hometown feel. We hope your cup of “Jo” is as feisty and heart-warming as Patrick and Jayme’s daughter Josephine, for whom Jo’s is named after.